SEMi & in ground POOLs


The options are endless….
The Optimum pool can be an above ground pool or an in-ground pool or anything in between.

The perfect balance between function and aesthetics

This pool’s beauty is enhanced by its strength.  Every component of this salt water friendly pool is uniquely created using the latest in technological advances.

What’s truly unique about this pool is that its wall is manufactured from high quality 5052 gauge corrosion resistant aluminum, offering 40% more tensile strength and 33% more yield strength.

The Optimum pool features 2 inch thick foam walls, “sandwiched’ between two sheets of high quality aluminum.  The insulated panels have a heat retention value of R10, thus allowing higher water temperatures and extending your swim season.

8 foot wide thermoplastic walk-in steps are available with either a standard or cantilever top finish.

This pool is available in many different sizes from round to oval to freeform

Each of these pools is uniquely different so we will need to come by to discuss what you are wanting and go over the endless options available.

These pools are ideal for the customer that does not have a flat yard but wants a pool buried as far as it will go.  We do many of these for customers with large hills.  You can bury one part of it all the way into the hill then add concrete or decking around it while the other half sticks out of the ground some.  You can still enjoy the benefits of in-ground pool steps this way and having a truly unique pool that all your friends will envy.