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We started our business in 2014 because we saw the need and most importantly the lack of quality above ground pool installers.  In 2015 we added cedar pool decks to our offerings.  We have had double digit growth every year since and in 2018 we installed over 350 new above ground, semi-inground and inground pools covering the entire state of Oklahoma.  In 2019 we decided to change our name from Oklahoma Pool Services to Oklahoma Pool and Patio.  The reason for the name change was because we saw the need for better quality above ground pool. We also decided to offer Radiant Pools which are in-ground pools that can be raised for people with hills in their backyards.  While the local retailers fought over who could sell a pool the cheapest the quality of their pools was going down rapidly.  Who wants to replace an expensive pool every 5-8 years?  A pump/filter every other year?  Not our customers!  We decided to go the other direction and offer only top quality pools, pumps and accessories with options our customers want.

We are not a brick and mortar store and we pass those savings on to our customers.  We do not offer “pre-packaged” pool kits.  Some of the things we include as standard equipment on all of our pools include:  Center floor drains (basically another skimmer that helps your water circulate better and lower your chemical cost), PVC rigid pipe instead of the plastic hoses that come standard or even flex pvc hose found in hot tubs, ball valves on all plumbing, a solid one piece pad for your equipment vs. patio blocks that become un-level after a couple seasons, An automatic chemical feeder, all of our pools are salt friendly with heavy duty resin components and all of our above ground pools can be buried up to 2-1/2′.

Great customer service and only quality products is our Ethos and we will not sell a product or service without keeping these things in mind.  Join our family today and see for yourself why we have had double digit growth every year.

-Ken Lewis