Above ground pool liners & installations

above ground pool liner sales and installations

At Oklahoma Pool and Patio we stock only the very best virgin vinyl liners available from GLI and Swimline.
There is a difference between our liners and online retailers and some of the local pool stores offerings.  Our liners are made fresh each year from virgin vinyl.  The liners we purchase this year that we don’t sell we send back to our distributor or manufacturer for a refund.  The liners at this time are resold to online stores or other local pool stores at a deep discount.  The reason you don’t want an old liner is because as vinyl ages it gets less pliable and hard.  What happens is someone buys a liner like this and has it installed and it’s very hard if not impossible to get all the wrinkles out of it.  Fresh virgin vinyl liners is the only thing we carry or recommend for a longer lasting liner.

We do above ground pool liners all over the state of oklahoma excluding the pan-handle area and tulsa market